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July 18th, 2015

Upper Cook Inlet Commercial Fishing Announcement No. 23 opens set gillnetting in that portion of the Kasilof Section of the Upper Subdistrict within . mile of the mean high tide mark on the Kenai Peninsula shoreline from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 18, 2015.

The biological escapement goal (BEG) for Kasilof River sockeye salmon is 160,000–340,000 fish, while the optimal escapement goal (OEG) is 160,000–390,000 fish. Approximately 280,000 sockeye salmon have passed the Kasilof sonar through July 16. Even early run timing models project final escapements in excess of the BEG and OEG in the Kasilof River.

The Kenai River sockeye salmon inriver goal for runs ranging from 2.3–4.6 million fish is 1,000,000–1,200,000 fish. The estimated sockeye salmon passage through July 16 in the Kenai River is approximately 213,000 fish. To date, information from the commercial harvest, escapements, and the Offshore Test Fish program indicate the number of sockeye salmon returning to the Kenai River is lower than expected. Therefore, commercial fishing will occur in the Kasilof Section in order to slow the passage of sockeye salmon in the Kasilof River and reduce the harvest of sockeye salmon bound for the Kenai River.

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