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Kenai River Sportfishing Association
35093 Kenai Spur Highway
Soldotna, AK 99669
Tel: (907) 262-8588
Fax: (907) 262-8582

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KRSA offers dozens of ways for you to connect with fellow sportsfishing enthusiasts and become a part of the KRSA community. Show your love for the crown jewel of Alaska fishing. Become a KRSA member today.

become a KRSA member today

Kenai River Sportfishing Association is a leading advocate for fisheries conservation in Alaska, working to ensure Alaskan's recreational fishery rights are protected and the fisheries are healthy for generations to come. But we can't do it without the support of committed sportsfishermen and conservations like you. Click here to become a new KRSA member and see all the great benefits of membership.


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Become a KRSA volunteer and join the more than 200 people who give their time to support KRSA's programs and events. Each year many people make a difference in our community through their volunteer service


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Occasionally an issue of critical importance to sportsfishing or fishery conservation will arise that requires all of us to pay attention, learn about that issue and take action. We invite you to be ready to lend your voice to our nonprofit mission.