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Habitat: Restoration and Angler Access

Biologists Netting FishHealthy habitat is fundamental to sustainable fisheries. Thus it is no surprise that habitat protection, restoration and responsible angler access is one of the association's top priorities. KRSA represents its membership as a liaison to resource management agencies.

Within the Kenai River watershed, much of the headwaters for fish habitat have protection within the boundaries of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuse and the Chugach National Forest, while below Skilak Lake much of the bank along the main stem Kenai River is in private land ownership. Maintaining healthy fish habitat adjacent to public and private lands is critical for the long term sustainability of our fisheries. Home to Alaska's most popular sport and personal use fisheries, it is crucial that responsible angler access and infrastructure is in place on the Kenai River and elsewhere in the greater Cook Inlet basin to handle such use.

Each year, we allocate and leverage thousands of dollars for the protection and restoration of critical fish habitat. Success stories on the Kenai include the Fish Habitat Cost Share program and the Kenai River Center. KRSA also supports habitat projects that target responsible angler access for boat and bank angling activities.

KRSA's habitat program focuses on two areas: 

  1. Protect and restore healthy critical fish habitat, and
  2. Provide responsible angler access and infrastructure to these world-class fisheries to ensure their sustainability for generations to come.