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What We Do


Fish Management and ResearchKRSA achieves its mission through a variety of means - managing its education and research programs, supporting community-based education partnerships, funding research and strategic planning, acting as a liaison to fishery resource agencies and taking an active role in fisheries management decisions. KRSA has four primary program areas:

  • Habitat
    Habitat conservation and restoration to maintain and improve the Kenai River watershed for sustainable fisheries.
  • Fisheries Management
    Promotion of predictable and meaningful sport and personal-use fishing opportunity.
  • Research
    Fishery, economic, and conservation research to advance information for management of sustainable fisheries.
  • Education
    Public education, scholarships, and outreach to promote stewardship of fisheries resources.



Healthy habitat is fundamental to sustainable fisheries. Thus it is no surprise that habitat protection, restoration and responsible angler access is one of the Association's top priorities. KRSA represents its membership as a liaison to resource management agencies. Click here to learn more about KRSA Habitat programs.


Fisheries Management

Fish come first in our advocacy efforts. Once fishery conservation issues are resolved, then we promote predictable and meaningful sport and personal-use fishing opportunity. On the side of protecting the public's fishery rights, KRSA takes an active role in the fishery management process.Click here to learn more about KRSA Fisheries Management programs.


Research: Fisheries, Habitat and Economics

KRSA has funded regional strategic planning efforts to prioritize important projects for fisheries research, habitat research and habitat restoration. Such plans provide a funding template so that high priority research and on-the-ground project needs are identified and ranked accordingly. Based on results of the strategic planning efforts, we work in close cooperation with state and national regulatory bodies to secure and leverage funding for studies that help managers to make scientific-based decisions concerning the Kenai River Fishery. Read more about some of those studies here.


KRSA operates numerous successful education programs, including Catch, Clean and Hook and Hooked on Fishing. A wide variety of community partnerships receive funding support from KRSA, including Caring for the Kenai, Adopt a Stream, SAFE Kids, and Stream Watch. Through our program and local event sponsorships, scholarships, public presentations, KRSA has played an important role in encouraging stewardship from all of the Kenai River's users to care for and preserve the world's premier sport fishing locale. Click here to learn more about our educational programs.