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Protect and Restore

KRSA works with the city of Soldotna, city of Kenai, Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska State Parks, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and Chugach National Forest to protect and restore critical salmon habitat. Examples include:

Fish Habitat Cost Share Program - ADFG and USFWS

Bank RestorationPartnering with the Cost Share Program of the Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADFG) and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), KRSA provides additional funding to this great habitat conservation effort. Cost Share provides matching funds and technical assistance for public access projects and to private landowners to develop and implement fish habitat protection and restoration projects. 

To date, Cost Share has assisted in more than 400 projects on private and public lands making more than 38,000 lineal feet along the Kenai River more fish friendly. Whether through the removal of hazards such as rock jetties, 55-gallon metal drums, creosote wooden bulkheads and other debris, the installation of light penetrating gratewalks or the rehabilitation of fragile riparian and bank habitats, Cost Share has had a lasting and measurable impact on the health of the Kenai River. 

In the early 1990s, it was estimated that 20% of the fish habitat on the Kenai River below Skilak Lake was in a degraded state, largely due to high angler use and past efforts to provide river access for landowners. In the last decade, through the leadership of the Cost Share Program and the Kenai River Center, more than 95% of the degraded lands have been restored to a healthy state. 

Kenai River Center - Kenai Peninsula Borough

FishwalkThe Kenai River Center improves coordination and communication between permitting agencies and streamlines the permitting process for area landowners. KRSA has funded riverbank restoration below the Center and helped establish the Don Gilman lending library that is open to the public. The Center serves an important role in educating private property owners on the value of responsible riparian bank management, and how proactive action on their part goes a long way in protecting vulnerable fish habitat. 

Kenai Peninsula Fish Habitat Partnership

Drift fishing on the Kasilof RiverKPFHP

The Kenai Peninsula Fish Habitat Partnership (KPFHP) is a cooperative fish habitat conservation effort to protect, restore and enhance our area's fish and aquatic communities.  KRSA is one of many organizations in a multi-agency approach of strategic planning that prioritizes fish habitat work in the Kenai Peninsula Borough. One of numerous partnerships developed concurrently with a national plan, KPFHP is designed to raise awareness of fish initiatives, assign priorities and generate annual congressional support to improve fish habitat.

Learn more about KPFHP at


The National Fish Habitat Action Plan (NFHAP) is a nationwide, grassroots approach to prioritizing investments in healthy fish habitat. Through the formation of regional fish habitat partnerships, strategic plans are focusing on how to best use the available resources for maximum benefit.

Locally-driven, partnerships like KPFHP are self-identified, self-organized and self-directed communities of interest formed around geographic areas, keystone species and / or system types.

These partnerships are:

  • Non-regulatory and voluntary
  • Locally and regionally based, driven by grassroots partners
  • Focused on protection, restoration and enhancement in key watersheds
  • Science based
  • Linked nationally
  • Sustainable and accountable
  • Non-allocative

Learn more about NFHAP at