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Research - Fisheries, Habitat, Economics

KRSA has funded regional strategic planning efforts to prioritize important projects for fisheries research, habitat research and habitat restoration. Such plans provide a funding template so that high priority research and on-the-ground project needs are identified and ranked accordingly. Based on results of the strategic planning efforts, we work in close cooperation with state and national regulatory bodies to secure and leverage funding for studies that help managers to make scientific-based decisions concerning the Kenai River Fishery. Read more about some of those studies here.

Since 2005, KRSA has also used the strategic planning process to direct more than $4.5 million in fisheries and habitat research, as well as habitat restoration projects through the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund (PCSRF). Read more about our efforts here.

KRSA is actively working with others to create a Kenai Peninsula Fish Habitat Partnership as part of the National Fish Habitat Action Plan. Learn more about the scope and purpose of this national effort here.

While personal use and sport anglers harvest about 20% of the fish bound for the Kenai River each year, they are responsible for more than 80% of the economic impact that comes to the Kenai Peninsula from fishing activity. Read about the amazing, multiplying effect sportfishing has on every sector of the local economy.